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There's crack In Soul

Please forward this error screen to 91. History of Soul, a comprehensive series of double CDs chronicling the evolution of soul from its beginnings in the churches of the southern states through the dance halls of the chittlin’ circuit to the sophisticated supper clubs of the urban centres.


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  • The Afro-American migration to the West Coast of the USA during World War II and in the immediate post war period came mainly from Louisiana and Texas, although other states lost thousands of residents to boom time cities like Los Angeles and Oakland as well. B labels which grew exponentially as the 1950s wore on. By the time soul music became the music of choice for the Afro-American public those surviving labels were joined by a new wave of companies dedicated to the new musical trend. This LP celebrates the days when blues was giving way to gospel based vocalists and harder dance rhythms were making waves.


    1960s but whose names reverberate around Europe’s dance venues today. 1’ is and you’ll never lose the time. All tracks possess a massive funk component. You’ll forget that it’s all monophonic. Soul lovers will find plenty to attract then here.

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    There was so much musical activity on the West Coast in the 50s and early 60s that even such a mighty compilation as this can only scratch the surface of black musical production from that part of the US. The vibrant West Coast recording scene was where musical trends started, national hits were made and the very musical tastes of the nation were being developed. America for the 60s and most of the 70s. Part of the History of Soul series.

    The accompanying illustrated booklet is written by John Ridley. This set is a watershed of Tough urban Blues sounds that morphed into soul a couple of years later. This series is wonderful and a period in Soul Music that is earlier than I am familiar with ,the volumes that I have had so far have introduced me to some wonderful new tracks. The booklet with each volume is superb I have also featured many tracks on my weekly Soul and Funk show.

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