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  • The return of The X-Files and four amazing gifts in the new SFX magazine — on sale now! What will be big for Xbox in 2018? A wonderful final hurrah for Nintendo’s ageing 3DS. 08 review: «Is this really the best The Walking Dead has to give?


    Want another Rogue Squadron or X-Wing game? Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Please upgrade your browser for the best possible experience. Gunslinger and Sniper advanced classes.

    This is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as much as possible. The Gunslinger is my main, and I find it an extremely fun playstyle, especially if you like ranged DPS.

    Sniper can be a potent force if played correctly. For readability sake, since it is my main, I will use the term Gunslinger as the overall descriptor of this class-type, especially for things that are true of both classes, such as discussions of general tactics. I have written about the builds. Included with the actual builds are step-by-step analyses of the talents I took and why. Oftentimes, sacrifices in one area must be made for another area’s advantage, and I spell those out there.

    Also, some builds are accompanied with strategies for their use. Any and all constructive comments and questions are welcome! The Gunslinger is a DPS class, pure and untainted.

    The class is primarily focused around using the Cover mechanic and is somewhat dependent on it. When a Smuggler chooses the Gunslinger as its advanced class, it gains some important upgrades, the greatest of which is increased range on most, if not all, blaster attacks. This range is the largest in the game, at 35 meters. For a Gunslinger, cover comes in two varieties.

    However, rolling into actual cover can lose some positional advantage. Sniper’s resource is called Energy. Energy Tanks, Gunslingers and Snipers have 110 Energy. The Energy regeneration rates decrease as Energy levels go down.

    Energy regen by 1 while in cover. This is certainly a talent one would want for PvE, and perhaps even in PvP, if you are generally good about staying in cover for extended periods of time, which the mobility demands of PvP don’t usually allow. With the coming of Update 3. 0, massive changes to the talent system made hybrid builds impossible.

    The talent trees were hacked apart and restructured to have the best talents for each specialization made exclusive to that specialization. Talents that were more universal were made into Utility Skills. This section will cover the Disciplines, the differences between them, and which ones are best for which content.

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