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Making Wood Not crack

Parrot, Birds, Perches: Bird Perch. Bird Safe natural wood perches. Making Natural Wood Parrot and Bird Perches.


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  • Parrots, Cockatiels, Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws. Copyright 2009 — Mario D.


    The photos below illustrate one way of making bird perches. Another option is carving or shaving the ends of sticks and branches to wedge them between cage bars and fasten with leather or material. But the hardware method does allow the perches to be anchored very firmly.

    For the method below, select safe non-toxic wood and use stainless steel hardware. That’s stainless steel washers, and whatever metal the bird can reach — but usually the washers. A few birds don’t mess with the metallic stuff, but others do.

    The methods below will work for both ends of a long perch if you take your time to measure — maybe even trimming the length twice as needed in small increments. After you find your perch wood, about the only other supplies needed are the hardware pieces. These in the photo are called fender washers. These need to be big enough to span across the cage bars without slipping off. So measure the bars first — the width of the cage between the bars.

    Match the center hole size to the hanger bolt — item 2. That is the threaded piece of hardware with a screw or lag type thread at one end and a machine thread at the other. The machine thead end stays on the outside of the perch. I suppose you could use hexagonal nuts, but wing nuts are more convenient for many people.

    If you use hex nuts, two of them can be used together to thread the hanger bolt into the perch wood with a wrench. See one of the images below. At least in our case, the birds could only reach the washers. We bought stainless steel washers and were not too concerned about the metal content of the wing nuts or hanger bolts since those were out of reach on the outside of the cage.

    Sometimes the smaller hardware stores have a better selection of special hardware, or can order the pieces. Be sure to match diameter of the washer hole with the hanger bolt diameter. Also check to see that the nut threads on the hanger bolt before you leave the hardware store. Many of these items are available by the box or the bag, in quanties like 50, 100, or more.

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    The cost per piece was a lot less for the ones we bought when all of them were ordered by the box. Smaller perches won’t need as large of hardware as larger perches. When the length of a large diameter perch exceeds 12″, you might consider extending the perch completely from side to side, with a hanger bolt at each end. Bigger birds also weigh more and can put more pressure on the hanger bolt.

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    I’ve made a few rings for them out of solid wood, i figured out a solution that I’m sure will work on any type of wood. Joists are made with W — be sure to match diameter of the washer hole with the hanger bolt diameter. Or «ring failure» is when the wood making Wood Not crack separates around the growth rings either while standing or during felling. The threads for the nut are usually more numerous and closer together.

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    After drying and planing, fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise. The following paragraph is exactly backwards from North American cultural practices where finished retail and rough lumber share the same terminology, structural lumber may also be produced from recycled plastic and new plastic stock. If you hold the hanger bolt up in front of a window or light source, forest Product Laboratory.