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If I crack My Knuckles

How to Crack Your Knuckles. Cracking your knuckles can accomplish so many things: release tension in your fingers, keep your hands busy, totally annoy those around you and possibly even freak them out — all valid reasons. Just how do you do it, though?


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  • Let us count the ways. Crack Your Knuckles Step 2.


    Clench your hands so they interlock. Think how someone would hold a die when playing a dice game. This is the first step to limbering up your fingers.

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    Crack Your Knuckles Step 3. Suddenly straighten your fingers and push slightly into each knuckle. The bottom ones should be easiest to crack, but the top knuckles can crack, too.

    That force should generate an immediate crack. Sometimes knuckles just won’t crack. Crack Your Knuckles Step 6.

    Another way is to first put one of your hands in a fist. Then, clench your other hand around and push. This way you can do an entire row of knuckles at once. You can also rotate your hand and then push down on your top knuckles, too.

    This can take a bit of getting used to and can be painful at first. Or take it one finger at a time. Make a fist like you did in the other methods, but then concentrate on just one finger. You may be able to get a louder pop if you dedicate all the pressure to one finger.

    With the thumb of your other hand on the finger you’re going to crack, hold the hand you’re cracking with your other hand. Press down one at a time with your thumb either on top of your finger or pressing down near the tip to crack the top. Instead, put your hands together like you’re clapping, similar to a praying position. Your fingers and palms should be touching, mirroring each other.

    Then, move your palms apart, keeping your fingers pressing together. Press them harder and harder together, moving your palms upward, until you hear your knuckles cracking. You may need to rotate your hands a bit. Dead on your middle and ring finger should crack, but with a little twist, you can focus on your pointer and pinky fingers.

    Try cracking your knuckles by twisting. Take one hand and wrap it around the finger you want to crack. Then swing that hand while you hold the finger stable. It takes a little time to perfect, but you can get a good crack out of it.

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    A quick anatomy lesson: Many of your joints, knuckle pads are firm nodules that sometimes form over certain joints in your fingers. Joint cracking shouldn’t be confused with crepitus, cracking have been carried out but are not well supported.