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How Do I Make crack

Things to make and do. Some of which might be dangerous. Build a custom glitter lamp with your own choice of glitter. Make a custom LED lamp.


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  • A really neat decorative mains powered LED lamp that costs only pennies a year to run. Crack the ice on your LEDs.


    A simple way to give ordinary focussed LEDs a much wider viewing angle. Convert tungsten Christmas lights to LED. How to convert old tungsten push-in Christmas lights or fairy lights to LED.

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    Use a tracker to find wandering family. A guide to using standard cheap GPS trackers to find wandering elderly relatives. An unusual diversion for this site, based on the tendency for technically minded people to like sweet alcoholic drinks. Modify a common Chinese LED lamp to run at lower power with much longer LED life. Hack a USB light with new LEDs to change the colour for backstage or decorative use.

    A super simple and super cheap project to add a splash of solar powered colour to your windowsill using two commonly available items hacked together. Adapt your Aerogarden to take standard compact fluorescent lamps instead of the expensive proprietary ones it normally does. An odd project for making sticks of small neon lamps that jitter about randomly inside.

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    Make a police light for your bike. Change a harmless LED bike light into one that allows you to impersonate a police officer and enjoy the thrill of speed, running red lights, eating donuts, arresting people and getting thrown in jail for impersonating a police officer. Change the colour of the LEDs in cheap solar garden lights, and mix colours too. Can also extend run time by reducing battery current.

    Like a glitter lamp, but kinda «fluffier». A very simple lighting effect with lots of confetti swirling around in a glass bottle above a lamp. A mains voltage project to make cute little neon flowers.

    If you want a safer version, check out the low voltage LED version below. Make a candle powered lava lamp. Hack an existing lava lamp into a handy candle powered one for convenient power-free lava-lovin’. Stop your Xmas lights flashing! Stop those pesky Christmas lights from flashing permanently by shunting out or replacing the horrible little controller that came with them.

    Make cute little LED flowers that glow in a very pleasing manner. A bit of a wildcard for this site, a scrying mirror is a jet black mirror used by fortune tellers to gaze into the future. Make a surprisingly effective ozone generator for freshening the air in your home or workshop.

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