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Dr Explain 5.4 crack

A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. Here are some bumbling doofus cops, and the dingus mistakes they made. We should talk about how movies and shows are so often crafted to appeal to the creepiest rape fantasies. That can’t be good for us, right?


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  • Sit back and let us explain to you why that completely original thing completely isn’t. Look hard enough, and you’ll see that cities and towns are still pockmarked with creepy remnants of wars gone by. Sometimes a movie will accidentally toss out an Earth-shaking revelation that makes the actual plot look like a Goop post guest-written by Jaden Smith. All the latest theories from the tinfoil hat brigade.


    Vonnegut Book Club: God Bless You Dr. Who knew a string of fictional deaths would bring Kurt Vonnegut back to life? Being a productive person is easier said than done. Do not take this article if you are allergic to it. These things have IMDb resumes an ‘actor’ working at In-N-Out Burger would murder for.

    Most of us are willing to come down on people we find objectionable. Except, for some reason, in a handful of cases, when we like to raise up those turd golems and pretend they’re pristine turd angels. Enjoy these weird facts about famous characters and the actors who play them. Here’s the type of crap we say around here.

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    Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the weirdest moments from 2017. Before you Speak: THINK posters. I decided it was time for another update! Next, same info but a twist on the layout. I also made the first version into a bookmark!

    I think they would be a great reminder to print and hand out to students! Shannon, this is a fabulous collection! Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I have used one of your newer versions «bubbles» this week on our school’s social media pages. Students need a constant reminder, and I’m glad to add this to my teaching resources! I am sharing them with other teachers in my district at a PD I am giving.

    Shannon, thank you so much for the posters! I plan to hang them in my high school library. Follow Shannon Long’s board Classroom Ideas on Pinterest. My asshole cats turn 16 today. Ok, not actually today, I’m not sure exactly when they were born, but about today.

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