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Crack Your Hands

Demonstrate your super-human strength by ripping an apple in half with your bare hands. Learn the simple technique here. This trick is all about the technique.


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  • The secret is to use your hands in such a way that the harder you grip the more pressure is applied from the stem of the apple outward. Keep this idea in mind as we proceed to the next steps.


    The rest of your fingers go around the apple and rest on the bottom of the apple. If you put your hands in this position without the apple and pull your fingers toward your wrists, you will notice that your thumbs roll out. This rolling is the force that will split the apple open.

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    With your hands set as described in step 2 squeeze hard and let your thumbs roll outward. You will feel the ripping force increase as your grip tightens. As you grip harder, the apple will break in half.

    There are a few things that I have learned from teaching this to people. Pretty much anyone can do this. I learned it from my mom and even my 12-year-old boy scouts can do it — even the skinny ones. It sometimes helps to use your knee to strengthen your grip.

    Try pushing on your knee with you fingers as shown in the photo. It sometimes helps to start out with a softer apple or a very crisp ripe one. If the apple is not ripe, it might be more difficult. You will eventually be able to crack all sizes, but it may be easier to start with one that fits comforably in your hand — not to big, not too small.

    If you haven’t already watched the video, then I recomend you do so. Sometimes its just easier to see done. When I was kid, there was a guy in my neighborhood with an amazing garden.

    He grew apples almost as big as a soccer ball. You could make a whole pie from just one. He often made the gift of one apple to the neighbors.

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    Anyway, I’m not sure this works with his apples, but this will work with most apples you would come across. I guess I should try it, it’s a little late for apples though, first frost has been and gone. I always start out by putting a thumb in the stem, and sort of rotating the apple and feeling it, after a little practice, you sort of develop a feel for finding the direction to try and split the apple.

    They are all different, but there is generally a ‘sweet spot’ which the apple breaks along easier than other angles. This is awesome I pranked my little brothers with this! Haha, six years later and you’re featured! This is a really cool trick.

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