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Crack Windows Exe

How to Crack a Windows 7 Password. Sometimes you forget your password, but luckily it’s not the end of the world. With a few tricks, you can change the password for any Windows 7 user account on any computer.


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  • All you’ll need is a Windows 7 installation disc, which you can make yourself for free. Find or create a Windows 7 installation disc.


    In order to crack user passwords, you’ll need to boot from a Windows 7 installation disc. Any Windows 7 installation disc will work, so you may be able to borrow or find one. You can download a Windows 7 ISO and burn it to a disc to create your own installation disc. You can also download the ISO from various torrent sites.

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    See How to Create a Recovery Disc in Windows 7 for more details. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc and reboot the computer. You’ll be booting from the installation disc instead of loading Windows 7 as usual.

    Press the key to enter the computer’s BIOS or BOOT menu. This key varies depending on your computer’s manufacturer. The key will be displayed on the screen that appears as the computer first boots up.

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    You’ll need to press this key before Windows loads. Loading the BOOT menu directly instead of the BIOS menu will be quicker, but not all computers support this. Select your disc drive from the BOOT menu. If you loaded directly to the boot menu, select the drive that contains the Windows 7 installation disc.

    If you loaded to the BIOS menu, navigate to the BOOT section using the keyboard and then change the boot order so that the drive containing the Windows 7 installation disc is listed first. Boot from the Windows 7 installation disc and start Windows Setup.

    If you were in the BIOS, save your changes and exit to reboot the computer and boot from the installation disc. Press any key when prompted to start Windows Setup. Set your language and input options. In the first screen that appears, you’ll be asked to set your language and input options.

    You can usually leave everything at the default settings. Click the «Repair your computer» link on the «Install now» screen. Instead of clicking «Install now» to start the Windows 7 installation, click the «Repair your computer» button in the bottom-left corner of the window. Select «Windows 7» from the list of operating systems. These are all of the operating systems installed on the computer.

    Most computers will only have one operating system listed here. Click the «Command Prompt» link on the next window. This will launch the Command Prompt. Enter the following commands, in order.

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