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Crack Wildfire 2

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    The best blog about Hacking, gaming ,exploits and angry rants. Inviting Geeks to write for us ! Computer security, tools, rants and misc stuff. KU, where I reverse engineered WinRAR 3.

    80 using a disassembler and will tell you the same here. Furthermore, major software are analysed using the same way,but just get a bit complex in the methodology. This tutorial is intended for those who are new to reverse engineering and disassembling. By Reading this tutorial You agree that this tutorial is intended for educational purposes only and the author can not be held liable for any kind of damages done whatsoever to your machine, or damages caused by some other,creative application of this tutorial.

    In any case you disagree with the above statement,stop here. You need to have a bit knowledge of assembly language,and in case you don’t have it,just cram the steps and it will work anytime,every time.

    Download the latest version of WinRAR from their website and install it. I will be cracking Winrar 3. Make a copy of it there.

    Now load Hackers Disasembler and load the copy in it. Open Hackers Disassembler and load copy of Winrar in it — www. The Disassembler will disassemble the executable in assembly code.

    Crack Wildfire 2 - картинка 3

    Now you need to search for strings that are used in WinRAR program. Reach this block of code using search function — www. After you have reached this block of code by searching, just look at the block of code above it.

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