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Crack Revolution Under Siege

Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings by Hugh Douglas Hamilton. The 28-day siege centered on an earthen fortification known as Star Fort. 200 miles southeast on the Atlantic coast.


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  • They immediately began siege operations, targeting the Star Fort, under their chief engineer, Col. Cruger did what he could to interfere with the siege works, frequently sending out parties at night to harass the workers. In one notable incident, his forces drove the workers away and captured some of their digging tools. They used a tactic similar to one used by Gen.


    At first, the crack snipers in the tower were able to pick off a number of Cruger’s artillerymen. Cruger quickly countered by using sandbags to raise the height of his parapet, giving enough cover so his own marksmen could fire on the tower through slats between the bags. He also tried to set the tower on fire with heated shot, but was unable to get the balls hot enough. Cruger had work crews remove the roofs from the buildings in the fort to prevent them from burning. Charleston with 2,000 British forces to relieve the siege.

    The next day, Pickens and Lee arrived, having successfully captured Augusta on June 6. Greene did not learn of Rawdon’s move until June 11. With the situation becoming critical, Greene decided to try an assault on the fort.

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    Cruger learned of Rawdon’s approach the next day when the messenger, posing as a Patriot, got close enough to the fort to race the remaining distance on his horse. Greene planned to have one party capture the smaller redoubt, while a larger attack force went after the Star Fort, where some men would pull down the sandbags to expose the defenders to fire from the tower. When the attack began on June 18, all went to plan at first—the smaller redoubt was taken, and men successfully penetrated the abatis and pulled down the sandbags.

    Greene called off the assault and ordered a retreat. Greene’s losses amounted to 150 men, while Cruger’s casualties were under 100. Rawdon to join forces with Cruger. Rawdon sent a sizable force after Greene, but heat and the toll of the long forced marches slowed them.

    The force was recalled to Ninety Six, which Rawdon then abandoned. General Greene blamed the failure of the operations against Ninety Six in part on Sumter and Marion, who failed to act in support of his operations in a timely manner.

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    Later, other officers blamed Greene and Lee for failing to cut off the defenders’ water supply at the Spring Branch. Writing in his memoirs, Lee singled out Col. He believed the engineer began the first parallel too close to the Star Fort, as well as underestimating the lengthy amount of time his undermanned and ill-equipped sappers needed to excavate the rock-hard soil enough to make a trench to support the siege. Though these issues contributed to the failure of the operation as a whole, Greene commended Kosciuszko’s efforts in carrying out his orders, noting that given more time, his chief engineer’s plan might well have succeeded.

    When Greene learned of Rawdon’s retreat from Ninety Six, he tried to pull all of the elements of the Patriot military forces together to attack Rawdon before he reached Charleston. He failed because of Sumter’s and Marion’s apparently tardy movements.

    September 8, 1781, in the last major battle in the South. Lord Rawdon to commemorate his having rescued them. This page was last edited on 10 October 2017, at 08:22. The fix to this bug might lower CPU speeds across the board.

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