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Crack Pe Design Next

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  • After some 10 weeks of painful exposure to the blithering drivel known laughingly as the book of knowledge and the even more ridiculous book by the woman whose name I have erased from my memory. I will say without any fear of being wrong or even challenged. The pmp is a self-perpetuating farce whose very presence is an insult to anyone with a measurable IQ.


    Moreover, anyone subscribing to this sub-human idiocracy is in no way a professional, merely a neo-phyte desperately seeking validation when none could be gained elsewhere. The existence of this garbage is proof that there is no intelligence or true governance remaining in our societymerely vain attempts to use sophistry as a subsitute for technical achievement. The pmp should be expunged from the world.

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    FAQ1088-1484: In layman terms, what is «engineering»? I heard if you take away their cane, they lose their power. Actually I’m with Kenat on this one. Why do people even compare the PMP to the PE? It has been done several times here.

    They are completely different things. It compares better with an MSCE than a PE.

    It is just a certification not a license. Project Management would be a good thingI’ve just not seen much evidence that it exists. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about it? Jeeze why waste you time complaining about some pimp down the street. Unless, he is in you face.

    Then roll back those sleeves and crack him one in the snowzer. Once you realize that the PMP is just a means to an end, then accept it and move on. Think bigger — use the PMP to broaden your knowledge but don’t drink the koolaid.

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    I think we prefer beer to koolaid. I think pimps prefer 40’s. A ‘cougar’ in her 40’s. It seems to be a recurring theme on this board to compare the PMP to the PE, which confuses me. In my opinion, it’s not the most awesome test, a lot of the material is unnecessarily bureaucratic, but it has its place.

    My company is big on PM’s they are the be-all and end-all. EXCEPT when the PM opens his yap about features of the work he knows nothing about, which is most, and then we have to go thru a lot of nastiness about why the customer is not getting something he was never promised and that doesn’t even make any sense in the context of the job. And what are we going to do to prevent this from happening in the future. Most companies are sold on PMPs because management was caught unprepared on a problem they created.

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