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Crack GTA Iv Patch 7.0

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    I know a lot of you are having problems installing GTA IV PC on Windows 7. I will also provide screenshots during the tutorial. Now in there go down to setup. Right click on the IV icon and do Open, in there click GTA IV and then go to the Redistributable folder, click these that are have a red circle round them.

    Now click on these, this will install them. Now, once you have installed them through that way you will need to update GFWL without having this error while starting up IV! Edited by ron123, 13 January 2009 — 10:25 PM. Thanks man, you helped me a lot with those errors.

    Crack GTA Iv Patch 7.0 - картинка 1

    What we should install first the game or the «Redistributable folder» programs? I first installed the game. In which compatibility «win mod» we should run the install, the other programs, and in which we should lunch the game? How we can lunch the «social club» without getting the blue screen and then crashing?

    The securom «thinks» that the install in win 7 «is cracked», how we should bypass it? Note: I bought the game.

    1″ in addition to the game’s programs, if yes, this should be done before or after game’s install ? 13 January 2009 — 11:28 PM.

    Crack GTA Iv Patch 7.0 - картинка 2

    You shouldn’t discuss warez on here. It doesn’t matter what you install first, but it’s recommended to install the game first. 3: You don’t have to launch Social Club, you can just press «LaunchGTAIV. 4: Not sure on that. Fresh re-install should do it, or try downloading the GFWL update.

    It would «behoove» the admins to make this a sticky. Do you people have any gains in GTA IV after installing Windows 7? I’m not looking for «Oh, it looks much much better», some fraps benchmarks before and after would be nice.

    Crack GTA Iv Patch 7.0 - картинка 3

    To recap them all, some people are getting 2fps better, some people are getting 2 fps lower, and 1 guy is reporting he went from 14fps to 30 or something ridiculous. For me and a few others, we have VERY smooth fps except for the fact that if you press a key on the keyboard ANY key, and the video will pause VERY breifly every time you press a button. That’s just the nature of the beast. I CAN say though, if GTA IV worked like everyone else is reporting it to work, and I didn’t have this stupid bug, I would have no reason to ever go back to Vista.

    I found out the hard way this guy is posting the way to go. This could be very helpfull for users trying to install to Windows 7, it really seems hard but this topic explains it very well how to get it done.

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    Crack GTA Iv Patch 7.0 - картинка 4


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