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Crack Doom 4 download

Doom 4 Download — GamesofPC. Finally, the new, fourth instalment of a cult series of Doom appears on our screens. This series doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone.


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  • It changed the face of FPS games forever, with many fans, it became the true legend among video games. How to download individual key? Id software is responsible for producing game, which released first instalment in 1993 and it was the second commercial production of the team right after successful Wolfenstein 3D. DOOM was the one that make the genre famous and other studios had to make huge efforts in order to match game with such a great reputation.


    Fourth part goes back to its roots. It refers to the first and the second part, giving up the elements of horror known from the third part. Texan id Software studio was founded also by the people who were legends in the gaming industry like John Romero and John Carmack. Quake are remaining hallmarks of the group. The story in fourth part is relatively similar to the one in its predecessors.

    As a commando, we land at the UAC base on Mars, which was hit by the hordes of horrible monsters. The experiments conducted right there unexpectedly led to opening the space-time portal through which these monsters got into the base. By passing through the corridors and base rooms, we kill enemies.

    Our main task is to hit the most terrible place of all and battle the most dangerous demon. As for the mechanics of the game, fourth instalment is related to the first two editions of the series. We can choose from new versions of guns of the ones we witnessed before. The life of our adversaries can be taken with the help of chainsaw, rotary cannon, plasma or electromagnetic rifle.

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    In addition, the creators of the game gave our character new abilities such as stronger jump or we can also polish them off thanks to brutal and very effective ending attacks, which involve ripping out their limbs or guts. The gameplay in fourth part became more violent, and blood in Doom is present everywhere in UAC Martian base, so we will have to get use to the picture of guts on the floor or our opponents being torn to pieces. Game offers single player mode as well as expanded multiplayer.

    There are several options of network games. On the multiplayer modes you can find various bonuses in different places that give people, who find them, an advantage over other players. Doom uses specially developed sixth generation of id Tech engine.

    Game was designed for the newest computers and consoles thanks to which it presents a very high level in terms of visuals. The atmosphere of the series, what is also very important, stayed intact.

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    Game is very absorbing, it keeps us in suspense. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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