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Crack Do Medieval Kingdoms

Enter your username and password in the boxes provided to login, or click the ‘register’ button to create a profile for yourself. When i try to run the Nocd crack the game starts up loading the medieval total war back ground, then crashes to an empty yellow error box with no message in it and when I click ok it goes back to desktop. I’ve tried to find other copies of the crack elsewhere but it does the same thing.


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  • The other crack, the image, doesn’t work either. Have you tried running the game without any crack?


    Yeah, it works fine without the crack, its just once i use the crack that things go haywire are there other no cd cracks available for kingdoms? I tried looking at some of the other sides linked here but they all seem to have the same crack. Actually install MTW2, install Kingdoms, install patch v1. MTW2 and Kingdoms available on this site.

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    The patch can be found on the official homepage of the game and it’s a nice over 500mb download. I use the cracks for 1. And as i recall you have to install the 1. 3 patch after you install mtw2 and before you install kingdoms, right?

    I installed mtw2 fresh, applied 1. 2 patch and then 1. 3 patch, then installed kingdoms. I didn’t realize that the kingdom.

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    2 hours trying to figure out such a simple little thing. Happens to the best of us. Oh well, I dont mind stupid mistakes every so often.

    2 and kingjust adding for those who use search. I know you can lauch kingdoms via the launcher. As far as I can tell this however means that you cant use mods like Stainless Steel with a cracked exe as they use the kingdoms. Anyone had any success with this?

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    I’m using an image file with Daemon Tools to run FEAR. Is there a way that I can get the 1. Before posting on this forum, make sure to read the forum rules and the FAQ below. PS2 With Neo4, some Teething Problems, anyone help ?

    I supose that it is a question for KeopS, but I don`t know if someboy more know the solution. PROBLEMS WITH I6COMP FOR SPANISH CRACKS!

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