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Crack для Daemon Tools 4.41

Left 4 Dead 2 free download for PC is given here for everyone to download safely. Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to the highly popular game Left 4 Dead.


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  • It’s a first person shooter game. This game has a single player mode but it’s the co-op multiplayer part that made this game a huge success. Similar to the original game this game involves zombies, people who have been infected in the post apocalyptic environment. You fight with your way through with 3 more characters who survived this apocalypse.


    The game features a checkpoint based system and once you reach a checkpoint you will start the game from there if you die. Your final goal is to escape from the zombie land by getting to the rescue vehicle that awaits you. The AI incorporated in the game is of high quality and it adapts to the type of game you play.

    This makes the game more challenging. Several new additions have been made to the types of enemies, attacks you can perform and weapons. The game starts with you along with 4 survivors when are trapped in the infected zone trying to escape to the safe zones. Infected people act like zombies and are hostile towards the non-infected. Some of the infected humans are unaffected even after catching the virus.

    The four survivors are some of them. You have to play through 5 campaign missions to reach your goal of escaping this hell hole. You can rest up and heal your wounds by staying in safe houses that are scattered around the maps.

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    The game is mainly co-op, where the four survivors must protect each others backs. The 6 campaigns have many mini maps. Most of the time at the start of the campaign, you will try to reach a safe house and wait for extraction from there.

    You will face a lot of enemies while you wait. You can carry only one weapon at a time and a secondary weapon. You have many weapons that you can carry one at a time.

    You can keep a watch on the health of other survivors that are with you so you can save them when in need. If you are late in rescuing them, then the infected will finish them off. If you are the only player then all the other 3 characters will be controlled by the computer.

    The game will continue till any human players are alive in the game. You have 4 modes in Left 4 Dead 2, Campaign, Survival, Verses and Scavenge. First three modes being present from the first game. Scavenge is the new addition in this sequel.

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