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Before And After crack

View our collection of Before and After Drug Abuse photographs, images, or illustrations. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Alcohol is one of the most widely used substances today, mainly because it is a legal drug. But legal or not, abusing alcohol has a lot of consequences for the user.


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  • Apart from the usual health risks like liver disease, cancer, hypertension, heart problems and many others, alcohol’s behavior altering effects also get the abuser into trouble, from simple DUIs to deadly drunken brawls and car crashes. Cocaine is an expensive drug. Nevertheless, it remains a popular drug, especially among celebrities, fashion models and other people who can afford it. A dangerous stimulant, cocaine has adverse long-term effects on the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, among others.


    In some cases, cocaine causes sudden death, even to first-time users. The devastating effects of crack cocaine go beyond the effect on the brain, emotional health, and finances. See first hand the transition in physical appearance a long-term crack addict may suffer. The devastating effects of crystal methamphetamine go beyond the effect on the brain, emotional health, and finances. See the horrible transformation of physical appearance that a long-term crystal meth addict may undergo.

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    The damage caused by heroin go beyond the impact on the brain, emotional health, physical health, and financial drain. See first hand the transition in physical appearance a long-term heroin addict may suffer. Steroid abuse is quite common, especially among individuals who want to build muscles. While regular steroid use does help one get ripped, it can also literally rip an abuser’s muscles out. This is just one of the adverse effects of abusing steroids, and they are shown in often graphic detail in this gallery.

    Some of the world’s biggest drug abusers come from the world of showbiz. Here are some of those celebrities whose drug addictions became public, and what they looked like before and after they got hooked on drugs. Want Help Beating an Addiction? View our collection of Before and After Crack Cocaine photographs, images, or illustrations.

    The toll crack cocaine addiction has taken on this woman is horrifying. After years of abusing crack cocaine, she literally transformed from a nice-looking woman into someone who looks more than twice her actual age. The sunken cheeks, the extreme weight loss, and apparent damage to teeth are all effects that crack cocaine abuse brings along with it. Abusing crack greatly affects a person’s appearance.

    The woman in this picture used to look fine, but crack abuse greatly altered her looks. Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office continues its compilation of Shocking Mug Shots of Meth Addicts. Drugs change appearance and kill personality, leaving soulless bodies spending their lives in prison.

    Who on earth thinks some of them look better after? I would never touch a drug that is as addicting and destroying as meth. Those sores are horrible looking, like their faces are rotting off. Why would anyone want to do drugs?

    That shyt makes a person look a lot older! Although meth is a helluva drug that is definitely damaging to body and mind, as a recovered addict for over 10 years now, I can confidently say that meth is not the only thing these people are on. Insanely fast, mobile-friendly meme generator. The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet.

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