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3 17 crack

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  • FIFA 17 Download free right here in few clicks! Has it fixed bugs that so many users pointed out in previous releases? Still on his line, or risks to bring something new?


    This year, Electronic Arts has launched a new installment of its successful Simulator of football, FIFA 17, and this time the game comes with several objectives that must be met to keep on top of the podium. If for some years the players opted more for the saga of EA compared the Konami, 2013 and 2014 were not good for her. First of all, we have a strengthened defense, with players who better close the spaces left by the comrades and move logically through the field trying to protect the area. Their movements are faster, putting more complicated things to the front, something that fans harshly criticized FIFA 15, that it had a few passes at depths too effective.

    Improvements in the defence come accompanied by new movements, like different types of input. One that most caught us attention is rasa entry, which allows us to put leg, but if we see that we were short, rein in dry sliding and getting up quickly. They also become renewed the porters, who even during the latest deliveries have been praised by their varied reactions and movements, in 15 FIFA had something that another failure of concept.

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    In the delivery of this year, those bugs are gone, replaced by new resources and fluid action, that does not leave us surprised wondering what noses just happened. Another fact: If you love to see your goalies making epic stops and clearing spectacularly, FIFA 17 is your game, because it manages to overcome himself in this aspect. That, of course, isn’t bad if you get the right balance between tradition and novelties.

    In addition, we prefer to leave something of intrigue to discover all the new options of this kind offered by FIFA. We will just say that these changes are numerous, and although they are small, altogether get FIFA 17 sits as one of the most innovative and realistic saga.

    One of the main innovations of FIFA 17 is the inclusion of women’s soccer. We have 12 national teams to choose from, with which we can play friendly matches or some other Championship. It seems to be playing a completely different FIFA, and no doubt that is better than a rehash with different skins of players play. Leaving this aside, the truth is that FIFA 17 does not have new game modes, which can be a problem for most veteran players, who see as the saga is still stuck at this point.

    We do not know if it is due to the lack of new ideas, but EA Sports need to put the batteries if you want to keep your football Simulator at the head. Yes, okay, the game runs about 1080 p and 60 fps very correct, and the level of detail in the faces of some players is amazing, but the public celebrations of the goals, the finish of the characters, the cinematics, etc. FIFA 17, that physical system is still great, with a very correct spherical and some animations that we could find in any actual party.

    Unfortunately, in other areas we can not praise the work of EA Sports. 3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.

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